Men's 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

*3 on 3 Men's Basketball Tournament
*At Homesteads Baptist Church Gym (4427 U.S. 127, Crossville, TN 38572; Across the street from Cumberland Mountain State Park)
*March 9, 2019, starting at 8 a.m.
*$300 Cash Prize to the Winning Team!
*Cost $20 per person. Sign up by March 7.
*Teams are Guaranteed at least 3 games.
*Call or Text 931-337-2765 to sign up.
**The number of teams is limited. So sign up As Soon As Possible.



A. 3 on 3 Basketball is a half-court game played by two teams of three players each, including no limit on substitutes.

B. Only players who are listed on a team’s roster form may play. No alternate or pick-up players will be allowed once the team's first game begins. It is suggested that all teams include four to six names on their roster to decrease the chances of forfeited games.

C. Game time: Men will play until a 25 minute running clock ends or one team scores 15 points. Three pointer shots count as two points. Two point shots count as 1 point.

D. Overtime: A tie score after regulation time shall result in a flipped coin to determine who gets the ball first, and then sudden death until one of the teams scores.

E. One time out per game. No time outs during overtime periods.

F. A 25 minute running clock is used for each game.

G. The clock will be stopped for:
1. Final 30 seconds of each game on dead balls.
2. Time outs.
3. Injuries.

H. If a team is not ready to play within 5 minutes of elapsed time, the team ready to play legally wins by forfeit.

I. Substitutions may only be made after a whistle has blown for some type of stoppage of play with the acknowledgment of the referee.

J. The official will flip a coin with the captains before the game begins. The winner of the toss takes possession of the ball first at the beginning of the game. The alternating possession rule will determine every jump ball situation through the rest of the game.

K. Deliberate stalling or attempts to freeze the ball shall result in loss of ball possession. A shot must be attempted within 30 seconds (official’s judgment). Officials should warn a team 10 seconds before making a stalling call.

L. Teams must take a ball back past any “3 point line” after each change of possession (only 1 foot must pass the line). Officials may give a team one warning each game before enforcing this rule.

1. After a foul has been awarded, after any stoppage of play, or after a team scores, the ball must be checked by a defensive player, after which the ball is alive and may be passed, shot, or dribbled.

2. On defensive rebounds, or after steals, the ball must be returned past any 3-point line (only 1 foot must pass the line) and the player in possession of the ball may maintain control and attempt to score.

3. If a team fails to cross any 3-point line with at least one foot in any of the situations above, the official will give them 1 warning, allowing them to retain possession, taking the ball out at the top of the key. If the team violates this rule again, it will be a turnover and the opposing team will gain possession of the ball.

M. The 3 second lane violation is in effect.


A. Remember there is a 25 minute “running clock”…

1. Foul shots will be taken.

2. Personal fouls committed during the act of shooting…
a) On a one point attempt, if the shot goes in, one foul shot will be taken worth 1 extra point.
b) On a two point attempt, if the shot goes in, one foul shot will be taken worth 2 extra points.
c) On a one point attempt, if the shot DOES NOT goes in, one foul shot will be taken worth 1 extra point.
d) On a two point attempt, if the shot DOES NOT goes in, one foul shot will be taken worth 2 extra points.

3. Technical fouls and flagrant fouls result in an automatic ejection from the game for the guilty player, and one foul shot worth 1 point and retained possession of the ball for the offended team.

B. Player control fouls are dealt with in the normal manner throughout the entire game (change of possession).

C. Players will be removed from games on their 5th foul committed or for unsportsmanlike conduct.

D. Technical Fouls will be given for hanging on the rim.


A. Teams should provide their own jerseys with numbers included on the back. If teams do not have their own jerseys, jerseys will be provided for each game. But, these jerseys will be used by other players, and therefore, will get very sweaty! It is highly recommended that teams provide their own jerseys!

B. All players must abide by the facility dress code in order to play.

C. The referee shall conduct the game in accordance with the official rules. The referee shall penalize any player or substitute for unsportsmanlike conduct by immediate ejection and banishment from the playing area. The referee shall have power to make decisions on any point not specifically covered in the rules.