Why Homesteads Baptist Church?

Why Homesteads Baptist Church?

Imagine...a FAMILY OF FAITH in which members radically experience an abundant, joyful relationship with God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.

Imagine a church full of members who passionately and wholeheartedly desire to GLORIFY GOD with their lives.

Imagine a SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY that challenges its members to grow in Christ's likeness through commitment to the timeless principles of God's Word, resulting in a life full of MEANING AND PURPOSE.

Imagine a community where members are ACTIVELY DISCOVERING and learning to use their GIFTS AND TALENTS to further the kingdom of God.

Imagine a fellowship where LOVE AND DEVOTION to God and one another are a top priority. Imagine a SPIRITUAL REFUGE which provides strength and support to overcome life's challenges.

Imagine a fellowship where people are growing in AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS with Christ and each other: a place where you are welcome to join others whose lives are being RADICALLY CHANGED BY GOD'S GRACE.

Imagine belonging to this family!

Come join our family...Homesteads Baptist Church.