The Refuge

The Refuge Student Ministry

"God is our REFUGE and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear though the earth give way" (Psalm 46:1-2).

A REFUGE is a shelter from danger or trouble.  To take REFUGE is to seek shelter, protection, or safety from a person, place, or situation thing presents a threat to our well-being.  Scripture teaches that our ultimate REFUGE Jesus Christ.

At Homesteads Baptist Church, the Refuge Student Ministry serves to point youth aged students to place their hope and confidence in the promises of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As our teens begin the transition from childhood to adulthood, our goal is to help them to face the struggles of these often difficult and tumultuous years by grounding their identity in Jesus Christ.  It is only as we ground our idenity and hopes in Jesus Christ and the promises of his gospel that we begin to see that God truly is an ever present help in times of trouble.  More importantly, we begin to see that the Kingdom of God is worth pursuing above all else. 

The teenage years are not only frequently difficult, they are also a time when students make life-changing decisions about the type of person they want to become.  We want our kids to become adults who will cherish and pursue Jesus Christ that they might live for his glory alone.

Grounded in God’s Word, our ministry provides opportunities for growth and discipleship among the students in our church. These goals are accomplished through teaching, worship, small group ministry, discipleship, fellowship, leadership training, family ministry, and service.

Sunday Night Worship Service (5 p.m. in The Refuge)

Our Sunday Night Worship Service is our largest event of the week and one of the major focal points of The REFUGE.  Every Sunday night we worship with laughter, friendship, music, and instruction from God’s Word. We attempt to shatter the stereotypes that church is boring and Christianity isn’t relevant to your life.

Small Groups (Sunday @ 6 p.m. in The Refuge)

Because of our need for fellowship and intimate relationships with other Christians, all of our teens are encouraged to participate in small groups with their peers.  These small groups study the Bible, take part in discussions, prayer and accountability.  In short, they are a training ground where the future leaders of our church learn to participate in authentic relationships with other Christians.

Wednesday Bible Study (6 p.m. in The Refuge)

(Come early for dinner @ 5:15 p.m.)

Wednesday Bible Studies are designed as an in-depth Bible study time. The Bible Studies are challenging and relevant. Come join us for a chance to dig deep into God's Word.  


Ministry Teams

Our Youth ministry would be incomplete if it wasn’t for the students that are involved in making it all happen. God doesn't want you to be a spectator of others doing ministry, He wants you to participate in ministry!  Art, Audio, Computer tech, Web Pages, Band, Prayer, Drama, Greeting, Singers, Sunday Night set-up, Video, and Photography are just a few of the ways you can use your giftedess for the glory of the Lord and help your brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Student Leadership

Student Leadership is designed for the student who is serving in ministry, has a desire to give time to the youth ministry, and demonstrates a greater commitment to growing spiritually.  Leadership students receive extra training and responsibilities to meet the needs of their peers and help fulfill the purposes of the high school ministry.

Church Involvement

In a day and age when many churches pull their youth from corporate worship and build para-church ministries that are independent of everything else the local church does, The REFUGE emphasizes the reality that youth are called to be a part of the church, not just the student ministry.  We encourage our teens to prayerfully and physically support the other ministries within the church. As a result of this emphasis, we always participate in corporate worship on Sunday mornings, we take part in most church wide activities, and we participate in other ministries as time and opportunities permit. Being together, being involved, worshiping and serving together as one body is a big emphasis in our youth ministry and the overall vision of our church!