Who We Are

Life  Community  Mission

Those three words describe the fruit of the gospel in the lives of Christians. As we come to Jesus Christ in faith, the the Holy Spirit through the gospel saves us and produces life. We are made alive spiritually, our hearts are changed, and we begin the journey of growth in Christ’s likeness. We are set free to live for God’s glory and to enjoy him forever!

At the same time, the gospel draws us into community. God saves us as individuals, but adopts us into his family, the church. The Holy Spirit compels and empowers us throught the gospel to live our lives in community, to share our lives—our joys, our sorrows, our victories, and our burdens—with one another.

As we continue to grow in Christ through the gospel, we are privileged to participate in God’s redemptive mission. As Christians, we are all called to advance the Kingdom of God in Christ throughout the world. We participate by discovering our spiritual gifts, finding our place of service, and living a life that points others to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

At Homesteads Baptist Church, our vision for the future revolves around these three gospel emphases. Firmly rooted in the gospel, we are laboring to become the church God wants us to be. We invite you to join us in the process. For more on membership, contact our Senior Pastor, Jared Moore.